We are excited to offer in-person Sunday Worship Services and limited Life Groups 9:00 am and 10:30 am. Registration is not required, and limited childcare is available for children entering Kindergarten and younger during services. Join us this Sunday…we have a seat for you!

Our team has formulated the following plan according to the latest mandated guidelines set forth for churches by both the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Louisiana’s Open Safely program. These guidelines ensure that we can gather in a safe, spacious, and sanitary environment during our state’s phased-in reopening of church facilities.

Life Groups

We are excited to offer limited in-person Adult Life Groups, Student Life Groups, and children’s classes.
Here are some quick tips on what to expect.

  • BUILDING ENTRANCES — All exterior doors will be open beginning this Sunday.
  • USE THE STAIRS – Elevators will be limited to 4 people at a time. Please use the stairs whenever possible.
  • ONE DIRECTION – Clock-wise movement in the hallway, indicated by signage.
  • LOCATION – See a list of available in-person groups (not all groups are meeting in person) — Signs will be placed around the Adult Center.
  • VIRTUAL OPTION – Some groups are continuing to meet online in addition to in-person. Ask your group leader if this is an option for your group.
  • CHAIRS IN PAIRS – Chairs will be set socially distanced in the room.
  • KEEP MOVING – Just keep moving. (Our Lobby and gathering areas remain closed at this time.)
  • WEAR MASKS – Wear masks at all times. Teachers may remove them when teaching.
  • “BYOC” – Bring your own coffee

​​​​​​​Contact your Life Group leader for more details about your group.

What about masks?

In light of the new modifications to our current Phase 2 guidelines regarding masks, we request everyone to please wear a mask to all church worship services and activities at this time. Masks are necessary as you enter and exit and any time you are in close contact with others, like passing in the hallways. If you do not have a mask when arriving, we have one available for you.

We are continuing to practice full social distancing at our worship services. We encourage you to wear your mask during the service, but once you have taken your seat you may remove your mask if you are comfortable doing so. In Life Groups, please wear a mask at all times while in the room.

Our Plan

  • Sundays we have two identical Worship Services, 9am and 10:30am, with limited seating. Life Groups and Sunday School for all ages is also available. 
  • All entrances are now open.
  • No registration required.

We understand and respect that while some of our church family will be ready to regather, others will not. Some of you will not wish to gather during this phase and some of you are considered at-risk for this virus. If this is not the right time for you, your church supports you and encourages you to continue to worship from home by joining our services on Facebook, the website, or KALB TV (Sundays, 10:00am).

While many things will look the same, our procedures will look different during this time. We want you to be fully informed so you can know what to expect. Please read all information carefully and be sure to watch the video for a helpful walkthrough. Should you have any questions, please call the office at 445.5640. We look forward to SEEING you!

Our Preparations

Increased Cleaning

  • Our campus is sanitized using products and methods recommended by the CDC guidelines.  The lobby, lobby restrooms, and Worship Center will be sanitized before, between, and after services. 

Trained Staff and Volunteers

  • Staff and volunteers will be thoroughly trained on requirements and procedures.
  • Staff and volunteers are required by the state to wear masks and to have a health screen before assisting.

Touchless Environment

  • All entrance doors will be propped open to ensure a touch-free experience.
  • Offering baskets have been replaced with Giving Stations which will be located in the lobby on your way to the Worship Center.   Your tithes and offerings can be placed in the slots at the top of the Giving Station boxes. Also, you can continue to give through our other options:  online, mail-in, or drop-off.
  • No program guides, paper items, or pens will be available during this time.  Announcements and church information can be found on the screen during services and at Calvary @ Home on our website. Please bring your own materials for taking sermon notes.
  • Lobby restrooms have newly installed automatic flush toilets and faucets to help provide a more sanitary environment.  In addition, restroom capacities will be monitored by an attendant.

Lobby Services Temporarily Suspended

  • Our lobby area will not be accessible for seating, gathering, or meeting. 
  • Our water fountains will be closed and we will not offer coffee service during this time.

Preschool/Children’s Classes

  • Limited childcare is available during services for children entering Kindergarten and younger. Children are still welcome to attend services with their parents. 
  • Sunday School Classes are now available at 9:00 am and 10:30 am.

Life Groups

  • We have limited Adult Life Groups meeting in-person and classes available for students and children. Please see the update at the top of this page.

How to Prepare & What to Expect

    Monitor Your Health

    • Please stay updated and informed with official sources. Read more.
    • CDC guidelines state it is best to continue to worship from home if you have experienced any COVID-19-related symptoms in the last two weeks, if you are over the age of 65, or if you have compromising health issues.


    • Doors into the building will not open until 20 minutes prior to the start of the service.  Please remain in your vehicle until this time.
    • Remember, all of your group must be together before entering the building. You will not be allowed to save seats for your group.


    • Please follow the instructions of the volunteers.
    • Masks are needed to enter and move about the building. Masks will be available in the lobby if needed.
    • Please remain on the marked path to and from the Worship Center.
    • We will practice social distancing of 6 feet between groups.
    • Please do not gather or congregate while inline or in the building.
    • No physical contact, please.  In place of hugs and handshakes please wave from a social distance.
    • Sanitize your hands upon entering using the sanitizing stations.
    • Dismissal will be directed by an emcee.