Preschool Ministry


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Sunday morning promotion

* Babies and toddlers are promoted within the ministry year as they mature and develop abilities.
* When a child is ready to promote, an email informing the parent of the new class placement will be sent. Often, a class leaders may call you or simply tell you in person of the promotion changes.
* Our two year olds (by September 31) promote annually. 

Check-In / Security

* A computerized check-in system is provided for children Birth- 5th grade.
* Upon checking in, parents will receive two labels: one with the child’s name and class assignment (this is to be placed on the child’s back) and a second SECURITY CODE TAG. This tag must be shown at dismissal time, as they are crosschecked before the child is released. Please feel free to use your cell phone and take a picture of the SECURITY CODE TAG, if someone else will be picking the child up. You may send that picture to the person and we will proceed with the crosschecking process as dismissal.
* Adults are asked to bring children to class as well as pick them up at promptly at dismissal time. Classes open just 15 minutes prior worship or meetings, and volunteers remain shortly after event times. 

Health Policies

For the safety and health of all children, and others in the classroom, it is recommended that children remain home if in the last 24 hours they have shown any of the following symptoms: FEVER, DIARRHEA, VOMITING, PERISTENT COUGH or RUNNY NOSE.

Allergy Policy / Snacks

* We understand many children suffer with childhood allergies. Because of this, ALL snacks are provided by the church. Snacks from outside environments are not permitted. One exception: Children with allergies may provide their own snacks. These snacks must be clearly labeled. It is the parent’s responsibility to inform the volunteer of the allergy and of the supplied snack option. 

Calvary serves Ritz or Saltine crackers.
IF other snacks are going to be served, a sign will be posted outside the classroom door to inform you of that snack option.

Helpful Tips

Diaper Bag
* Less is best!    Please send in basic supplies like, two diapers, a bottle with written instructions, a sippy cup,  a simple change of clothes (should that be needed)) Please clearly  label all items.

* Due to the number of children in our care, we are only able to bottle feed.    Please be respective of this.
* Pack PLASTIC bottles and PREMEASURED formula AND WATER.
* All other preschoolers will be fed a snack served with water.

Nursing /Feeding Room
* A nursing/ feeding room is available for Moms and their infants- please ask to be let in.