Recent Uganda Mission Trip

Our mission team to Uganda had a safe and productive trip recently. They visited with our missionary pastor, Joseph, his wife Jessica, their daughter, and Jessica’s sister, among other local ministers and community leaders. The team spent a day at a conference, hearing African pastors and church leaders share about the many ministries they are leading. It was a blessing to hear the testimonies from these men of God. They visited a Maaji refugee camp and met with many South Sudanese church leaders from different tribes and denominations as they ministered to the people there. 

Each year, our children at VBS take up a missions offering, and this past summer, they raised money for school supplies at Maaji Secondary School. Our Africa mission team visited the school, which serves over 1,200 students; most are refugees, and the students expressed how thankful they were for the gifts from Calvary’s children. One goal of our support of missionaries in Uganda is to help the refugees become productive partners in that community. Our team visited with James, who has left the refugee camp with other believers and established a permanent settlement where he preaches at a church in the camp and makes mission trips into South Sudan to share the Good News.  Many women are in a sewing group that embroiders sheets, napkins, and many other items to sell. Their business day starts with prayer and the Word, and they invite their unbelieving neighbors to join the business so they can hear the Gospel and earn income at the same time. Our group also visited Pastor Paul’s farm and home. Paul was one of the earliest to be born again in his area. He has trained many of the current generation of pastors.  Our Africa team also had a sweet time of worship with Trinity Baptist Church, where our very ownScott Doyle delivered a fantastic message translated into Madi. We are so grateful for Clay, Dexter, and Scott being willing to go, and thanks be to God that Calvary is a church that helps us become better mission-minded servants!