Calvary Marriage Weekend
September 15-17 :: Tall Timbers Conference Center, Woodworth

Every marriage requires a daily investment of time and communication. Whether your marriage is a 2 or a 10, Calvary Marriage Weekend is a great opportunity for couples to invest in their marriage. You will discover that no couple is ever alone in their struggles, and every marriage has room for improvement. Come join other couples from Calvary as we seek to reconnect, renew, and recharge our marriages. $200 per couple

Who is this for?
Calvary Marriage Weekend is for married couples between one man and one woman, in any and all conditions. Every marriage will benefit, whether couples are struggling to get along, the marriage seems broken, or they simply want to grow closer together relationally.

Where will we stay?
You and your spouse will stay at Tall Timbers Conference Center, where you will have a private room with two double beds and a private bathroom.