Recent Honduras Mission Trip

Our Honduras team had an amazing week of clinics and door to door evangelism in June. They had a wonderful time ministering to the needs of others and seeing many people come to Christ. Here are just a few of the testimonies from our team members. You can find these and more by following our Mission’s Ministry on Facebook.

Jennifer has a powerful testimony about her experience on the Honduras trip. She realized on the trip many ways where she can grow in her relationship with God. She says, “If I wouldn’t have come on this trip, I wouldn’t have realized this.” It was great to see Jennifer and many others grow in their passion for Christ!

“This mission trip profoundly changed my perspective, deepening my empathy and understanding of diverse cultures and seeing their struggles. It also strengthened my commitment to service, inspiring me to continue to help others in meaningful ways. I’m very grateful for Calvary Baptist church. Because of these priceless opportunities, we are able to utilize our God given gifts to share the ‘good news’ of the gospel to all who we encounter.” – Kourtny

“I will never forget the many precious Honduran villagers that kindly welcomed us onto their humble porches and in their homes to allow us to talk about Jesus and pray with them! Serving the people there, sharing the gospel with many, and worshiping through music with them was life changing. Being able to do all this along side my beautiful, hardworking church family made it so special! The best part was after our team shared the gospel with a young girl, I was able to lead her in a salvation prayer through our translator.” – Stacy “As a nurse, I travel to Honduras believing I can make a difference in the lives of the people in the village we serve. I return home realizing the difference is always in me.” – Rich

“Thank you, Calvary family, for helping provide a life changing week for my daughter and me. We were able to serve the needs of the people of Honduras while getting to know and worship with members of our own church family.” – Karla