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At Calvary, we believe spiritual growth is important. Our driving purpose is “to lead every person to become a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ.

Over the years, we have observed, spiritual growth happens best in small groups. For that reason, we encourage and challenge every person who attends Calvary to find and attend a Life Group

Life Groups are small groups, anywhere from 10-50 people, within the larger church in which people connect and build friendships, learn God’s Word, and serve together.

All of our life groups spend time in God’s Word discovering how God’s Truth applies to every person and is lived out in everyday life.  Life Groups are where real, life-enriching relationships can form and develop.

Each group is challenged to study the Bible weekly, hang-out together monthly, and serve together quarterly. Groups meet on-campus at Calvary or off-campus in homes.

Through every Life Group, you will discover that:

 On-campus groups typically meet at 9:00am & 10:30 am on Sunday mornings.

document.pngList of on-campus group opportunities

Off-campus groups meet at various times and locations all throughout the week. If you are interested in attending an off-campus Life Group, contact Seth Carnes at 318-445-5640 or email him at

If you live in the Woodworth area, Bible study is also available for all ages at 11:15 at our south campus, Calvary Woodworth. Click here for more info.

I invite you to come and be our guest this Sunday!

Seth Carnes
Education Minister

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FAQ about Adult Life Groups:

What about our kids?
There is a class for every age child, birth through college. You will find loving trained leaders offering the best instruction and safe care for your children.  Click here for more info on Preschool and Children Classes.

Will my spouse and I attend a group together?
You have options. There are couples groups and there are groups exclusively for men or women.

Will everyone in my group be my age?
Most of our groups are populated with adults in the same stage of life. However, some groups are designed for any person, any age, any sex, any marital status.

Will I be called on to say anything when I attend a group?
Participants in our Life Groups are allowed to be as vocal or as quiet as they choose. We will not do anything to embarrass you, but we do invite you to feel free to join in the discussion.

Do I have to have a special Bible to attend a group?
No. Teachers often use different versions of the Bible when teaching. You are welcome to bring your own Bible or you can choose to use a Bible available in the classroom. link to beliefs