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We all have a story. How we grew up, our experiences, people we’ve met and formed relationships with, places we’ve gone, accomplishments we’ve achieved and failures  we’ve endured help make us who we are today. We also have a story as it relates to Jesus. Do you have a relationship with Him? If so, your story is one He has sculpted for others to  see. We are His art pieces, each unique and valuable to Him and He wants to use us, our lives, to show others what kind of masterpieces they can be!

Many of us don’t think we have a “good” story, so no one would be interested in hearing it, or you might think your story is too messy. Well guess what? We are all messy before we accept Christ and we aren’t perfect after we do! BUT, we all have a story. Would you share your story? Maybe you live every day to tell everyone who can hear your voice about what God has done for you. Maybe you are more reserved and keep to yourself. We all have different personalities, but we all have a story. 

Maybe your story is the one that helps another person see how Jesus can take the broken pieces of their life and form it into a great work of art. We are always looking for testimonies, your stories, of how God changed your life and what He means to you. Would you be willing to share it?

Please contact Jared Peoples ( if you are interested. Your story is important, and God isn’t done writing it yet, so share it!