Calvary Connects


Summer on the GO

WHY? God has placed us where we live and with the people we know for a purpose.  He has  called us to connect and share the gospel with them because we know that following Jesus is better...than anything!  Throughout the summer, we want to be visible and intentional with our neighbors and friends. Form relationships with people. Be open, we never know what God will use to soften someones heart to His message. We can't be "friends" with everyone, but we can be more intentional with our interactions and change the way we see people. When is the best time to!

Here are some ideas to help you get started:


  • Host a front-yard ice-cream party with neighbors
  • Host a coffee and dessert night
  • Prayer walk your neighborhood
  • Pass out produce from your garden to neighbors
  • Host a game night (yard games outside or board games inside)
  • For those with small children, organize a playdate with other families in your neighborhood
  • Invite neighbors over for Saturday morning breakfast or brunch
  • Invite neighborhood families to VBS (June 4-8) or Calvary Family Field Day (June 13 - Brame Fields)


  • When at a restaurant, ask your waitstaff, “when we pray over our meal, how can we pray for you?”
  • Ask a cashier at your grocery or hardware store, “when you go to church, where do you attend?” Invite them to meet you at church.
  • Ask your barber or hairstylist about their prayer needs
  • Be intentional and engage in conversations at gathering places like pools, splash pads, restaurants, the beach, parks, etc.
  • Invite a friend or family to participate with you in an activity like walking the dog, running/walking, golf, fishing, etc.
  • Invite a co-worker to lunch and share your story with them


2018 Calvary Connects

In January 2018 we embarked on an amazing journey together to really connect with our community on a deeper level and share the story of Jesus and what He has done in our lives like never before.


We began with 40 Days of Prayer where for 40 straight days there was someone praying at the church, every hour of every day. It was an amazing jumpstart to focusing our hearts and minds on God's plan for our lives this year.
But wait! It doesn't stop there! This was a catalyst to propel us forward and we ask that everyone continue to pray faithfully and daily for how God can use us to reach those around us with the saving Gospel message of Jesus Christ.




To help with this we are having 40 MORE Days of Prayer. We are urging our church family to fast and pray at some point on the last Wednesday of every month. Intentionally set aside a time to pray at your home, at church, at your office, during your lunch period, when walking for exercise, while on vacation or where ever you may find yourself.
The CHAPEL will be open from 7 AM to 7 PM for you to come-and-go alone or to meet up with friends. When coming to pray at the church, enter through the door off the Mohon side between Calvary Hall and the Student Building.




Sharing Jesus {without freaking out} with Alvin Reid
Author, speaker and professor Alvin Reid encouraged us and gave us practical ways we can be more attentive in recognizing those around us as people who not only were created by God just like all of us, but they are in need of a relationship with Jesus just like we all are.